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0.  All scrips are written to work from /opt/catalog/

1a. MySQL preparation:
	Create Database for storing information and	assign permissions to the ftps user:
	# mysql -u [username] -p [password] < sql_init_mysql.sql

	Specify your root [username] and [password] so it may grant all
	privileges required.

	Load tables and intial data.
	mysql --user=ftps --password=ftps --database=ftps < tables_ctl_mysql.sql
	mysql --user=ftps --password=ftps --database=ftps < tables_col_mysql.sql

1b. Oracle  preparation:
    Create user/
     #  sqlplus system/manager

    Load tables and intial data.
    #  sqlplus ftps/ftps

2. PHP Config file preparation:
	Edit web/config.php to suit your requirements.
	See comments for help.
	Specify a user/pass which has SELECT priviledges to the tables,
	and complete access to the ftps database.

3. Copy files to the wwwroot:
	Everything in the web/ directory needs to be accessible by your web
	server. Copy it all over, maintaining the directory structure.

4. Edit Ftp Scaner options

   Edit Catalog loader options

5. Populate the tables .col for initial tests.
   # --load test.col --user Tester1

6. Test how FTP Scaner is working.

7. Make FTP scaner to run each 3 hour
   Copy file cron_catalog to /etc/cron.d/
   Restart cron
   #/etc/init.d/crond restart